Getting Started the Right Way

Puppy training techniques

Today we’re going to talk about getting started the right way, training your puppy correctly, and teaching good habits because it’s a lot easier to teach the right way than it is to try to break his bad habits.

Puppies are wonderful wriggling balls of fur but how do you know which one will grow up to be your hunting companion? One good place to start is looking at the past to tell the future. If mom and dad and grandma and granddad, all have titles showing the world how well they have been trained and what they were able to accomplish, it stands to reason that your pup will be able to achieve the same with a little help from you. How do you know what his genetics are? One way is to look at his pedigree.

The dogs pedigree is a great starting place, to make sure the genetics you want are in your pup, but it’s going to take hands on training to produce a finished gun dog. That’s where you come in; you will be the one refining his instincts and helping to shape his future.

How do we start? We teach him rules. Every dog needs to know when he has done something right and when he has done something wrong or unacceptable.

When the behavior is happening is the time we need to react to it…not after and not before…it must be at the moment it occurs. Reward the right response, correct the wrong response.  Rewards can be “Good boy – atta boy” said with a smile and a happy pat, while corrections can be the tone of voice as you say “No.” Voice corrections for a pup, given consistently, are a great way to start his training.

Effective training happens when we are consistent in our reactions. By being a consistent dog trainer he will not only learn what “No” means but how to please us too.

He will soon be doing his best to get the “Good boy – atta boy!” while doing everything he can to avoid a scolding tone of voice.

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